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There are lots of ways to burn calories and get fit.
Come and join me, Mel Parker at my friendly classes in Didcot, Oxfordshire!

What is Vibe Fit?

At Vibe Fit I offer a range of different classes to suit all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness abilities.

Would you like to lose weight?

Improve your fitness level?

Or simply get out of the house for an hour and meet some new people?

Then Vibe Fit is the place for you!

Find out more - visit one of our class pages.



Zumba - Didcot Girls School (Cockcroft Hall) - 6.30pm

Bootycore - Didcot Girls School (Cockcroft Hall) - 7.35pm


Aqua Zumba - The Park Club, Milton - 10.45am

Zumba - Didcot Girls School (Cockcroft Hall) - 7.00pm


Aqua Zumba - The Park Club, Milton - 7.15pm


Aqua FIT - The Park Club, Milton - 10.45am

STRONG by Zumba - Didcot Girls School (Gym Hall) - 6.30pm

Zumba - Didcot Girls School (Gym Hall) - 7.30pm


Zumba - Didcot Girls School (Cockcroft Hall) 10.00am

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"Zumba with Mel is just amazing, the motivation and energy Mel has in every single one of her classes is infectious. Mel makes you smile, she makes you laugh and best of all the calories you burn in a single class is amazing! It doesn’t even feel like exercise anymore, I love it and wish I had discovered my love for Zumba years ago! I 100% recommend."


"Been to a few Zumba classes in Berkshire and Oxfordshire but none compare to this class! It’s the best by far!"


"I've done a few Zumba classes with others in the past. Mel is by far the best class that I've attended. Actually felt like I achieved something at the end of the class. Will be attending a lot more Zumba sessions with Mel!! X"


"I’ve been going to Mel’s classes for about eighteen months and I’m completely addicted! Mel is so supportive and inspirational and has made all the difference to my fitness and health. Having lost a lot of weight and being nearer to sixty than fifty,  I have a massive fear of going back to the person I was but, with all the different classes that Mel does and the one to one instruction I feel so focused and inspired. I have also made some amazing friends and I have to say the last eighteen months have made such a difference to my life. Thank you Mel, you are amazing."


"Amazing high energy classes full of fun and wiggles!! Highly addictive be warned once you go you will never look back!"


"This is such a friendly and welcoming group, you become part of the group from the first hello.  Mel’s classes are in a league of their own, she changes the routines so regularly so you will never get bored.  You will sweat, huff and puff and laugh throughout the session.  Mel is a little powerhouse and she will inspire you to work hard and achieve your goals, you will also giggle at her antics too!"


"Zumba with Mel has transformed my  life. I'm fitter and happier. and I've lost weight. it's the best thing I ever did....joining Mel's zumba classes."


"Mel's enthusiasm is just on another level! Went to her Aqua Fit class yesterday and it was an amazing workout and lots of fun. I wish I lived closer so I could go all the time. Stop reading this review and get booking onto a class!"