About Mel

I live in Didcot, with my two children Lottie and Sam and I’ve been teaching fitness for the last 8 years. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with friends, reading the odd book and enjoy a bit of trash telly in the form of Love Island but most of all, I love to go ‘out  out’ dancing!

I’ve been dancing all my life. I did Ballet, Tap and Jazz from a very early age and performed in many shows and pantomimes. In my teens I joined a local Cabaret group and spent many happy years singing, dancing and also choreographing the show.

I was never a skinny child, in fact you would have called me the ‘chubby kid’ at school. My old Nan used to say it was puppy fat but I think her ice cream container filled with chocolate bars may have had something to do with my extra layer of cuddle! In fact I am still very much a chocoholic to this day!

My weight started getting out of control when I hit my twenties and funnily enough by then I had also stopped dancing. Food turned into my comfort for every emotion I felt whether I was happy or sad. As the weight piled on I started to lose more control of my emotions, I lost confidence and started to really hate myself inside and out.

I tried every fad diet, slimming shake, magic pill, diet club, exercise class and joined gyms but nothing ever stuck. I would always end up finding an excuse not to go to a class.

Zumba 2

Until one day, in one of my many attempts to lose weight and get fitter I walked into a ZUMBA class. I fell in love immediately! When the class was over I knew I had found something special. I spent the next few months going to every Zumba class I could. I started to notice a change not only in my weight but also my mental state of mind. I felt happy and positive for the first time in ages!

I soon realised that this was my chance.  I had a dance background and performing experience so why not become an instructor? So that’s exactly what I did! I went to a course in October 2011 and taught my first class the following week!

It sounds cliché but Zumba actually did save my life and changed it for the better in more ways than I could have imagined!

Eight years on I am still teaching not only Zumba but other fantastic programs and I am loving every minute!

“There are many paths to happiness, dancing is one of them!”