Due to COVID 19, Aqua ZUMBA is currently suspended.

Aqua Zumba is a low impact, high energy aquatic exercise class. Using the Zumba formula of Latin and international rhythms paired with easy to follow steps, this class is a party in the pool!

Aqua Zumba is a fantastic, fun program and suited to anyone who enjoys water based exercise.

Aquatic exercise has a stigma attached to it that it’s just for old folk…WRONG!!

Aqua Zumba is perfect for anyone looking to use muscle groups safely in the water, using natural resistance without causing heavy impact to joints. This includes the elderly, post surgery rehabilitation and pregnant ladies. The babies in the tummies love the movement too!

It just looks like a load of people splashing around in the water having loads of fun….but the magic happens under the water! Core strength is built by moving the water around with your arms and legs. Cardiovascular health is improved and muscles are toned.

Aqua Fit

In Addition to my Aqua Zumba classes at The Park Club, I also teach Aqua Fit.

Aqua Fit is similar in its method and gains to Aqua Zumba but with an extra ‘little kick’.

At Aqua Fit we use equipment in the water, such as foam dumbbells and straight foam noodles to add extra resistance in the water, making it a higher cardio impact class but still low impact on the joints.

Come and join the party in the pool!



There's nothing to lose but calories!!

When & Where


Aqua ZUMBA - The Park Club, Milton - 10.45am


Aqua Zumba - The Park Club, Milton - 7.15pm


Aqua FIT - The Park Club, Milton - 10.45am

How To Book

Aqua ZUMBA and Aqua FIT are held at The Park Club, Milton and should be booked directly with them.

Call - 01235 206777

The cost is £5 for non Park Club members.