The Booty – Shape, tone and strengthen your legs and glutes using non slip fabric resistance bands.

The Core – Fire up your abdominal area with a selection of floor based exercises designed to strengthen those all important core muscles.

….. and there you have it BOOTYCORE!

Your bum is made up of three muscles. Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus. Without dazzling you with too much science, these clever muscles play a big part in your daily life. Walking, climbing stairs, even getting out of bed!

At a BOOTYCORE class we carry out simple, easy to follow sequences to music using the resistance bands. There are lots of ways the bands can be used to train your glutes. We use standing and floor based methods each track targets specific areas helping to build the perfect peach!

Training your toosh with BOOTYCORE will not only strengthen and build your three gluteal muscles, preventing lower back, hip and knee pain, it will also improve your balance and overall alignment by stabilising your pelvis. Let’s not also forget the cosmetic effect that BOOTYCORE will have on you….a Perkier Posterior!

Core Muscles – It’s not just about having a six pack!

Your core is made up of lots of different muscles and just like your three gluteal muscles, your core is essential for daily living. Basically if you had no core muscles you wouldn’t be able to stand up!

Your abdominal muscles (the six pack) are the outer wall of your tummy which people assume you should be able to see in order to be ‘a fittie’ BUT there are some other very important muscles deeper inside.

Strengthening all of your core muscles including your abdominals will improve your balance and posture whilst also protecting your back from injury when carrying out daily tasks such as lifting, bending, pushing and pulling.

At BOOTYCORE  we will do exercises not just for your abs but also for your back and inner core muscles, giving you an all round feeling of strength in your torso. The good thing about training this part of your body is that you will start to see the results and feel the benefits very quickly.

Note: A resistance band is required for BOOTYCORE. If you do not have your own band I can provide one for a small extra cost but please make sure you book online using the correct calendar as the number of available bands are limited.
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When & Where


St Birinus School, Didcot - 7.35pm

GWP Community Centre, Didcot - 9.20am

How Much?

£6.00 per class - using your own band

£6.50 per class - inc band hire



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Please Note: All classes booked and paid for online are non-transferable and cannot be refunded.


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